SVN Suzuki Shop

The SVN Suzuki shop offers you almost any Suzuki materials published anywhere in the world. Almost everything ships from stock, so we can usually be very quick.

The Suzuki Shop is an activity of the SVN (Suzuki Vereniging Nederland), the Dutch Suzuki Association. It is a non-profit operation relying entirely on volunteer work.



You may download our most recent price list (April 2021) here (sorry, the text is in Dutch but you will recognize the materials). Please note that the lower member prices (“ledenprijs” in Dutch) apply if you are a member of any ESA National Suzuki Association.

Update: the price list is no longer valid for Music Mind Games materials.   Download the current MMG price list

Shipping within Europe is probably cheaper than you think. We charge only the postage, which of course depends on the size and weight of your order.


Ordering from abroad

You can order or make an enquiry by sending an e-mail to


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SVN Suzuki shop is official Music Mind Games dealer
We stock the complete range of Music Mind Games products.

For more detailed information, please go to the official Music Mind Games website.

Download our current MMG price list.